The LTCNW Starter Kit

You have heard a little bit about Leadership Training for Christ and are thinking about participating.  Perhaps you are still not 100% sure or don’t know how to get started. This Starter Kit is designed for you by the LTCNW Board to make it as easy as possible for you to make the commitment to join LTC.  Here are some simple steps to getting started. May God bless you during this time of discernment.

Step OneGet Informed.   Make sure you learn the basic information about LTCNW.  All the information can be found at  Some frequently asked questions are…

  • Why should we participate in LTC?
    • There are many benefits of participating in LTC.  First, there is the knowledge that is gained throughout the year by studying the theme book.  This year the theme is Rescued and involves studying the Book of Psalms.  Second, the program does not just emphasize knowledge but practical skills for service in the church.  LTC includes behind the scenes events such as website design, scrapbook, and video creation to traditional events such as song leading, chorus, puppetry, and speech.  Third, participants experience a great sense of fellowship and unity with other churches and Christians from around the region at LTC.  The LTCNW convention is purposefully designed to be encouraging and supportive and not overly competitive in nature. Fourth, LTCNW offers three different types of post-high school scholarships for LTC participants that help them move forward to the next stage of their lives.  Finally, LTC is intergenerational and designed for parents to be actively involved in the program.  Research shows that intergenerational church experiences are critical for life-long faithfulness, and LTC is designed for that kind of church life.  
  • What is the program about and what are the age ranges?
    • LTC is a youth spiritual development program for young people 3rd grade through 12th grade.  It involves Bible knowledge, practical skill development, and leadership and service training.
  • When and where is the convention and how many churches participate?
    • The LTCNW Convention is hosted by the Richland Church of Christ in Richland, Washington (April 17-19, 2020).   The Friday evening and Saturday morning portion of the convention occurs at Richland High School, right across the street from the Richland Church of Christ building.    The Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning portion takes place at the Richland Church of Christ facility.
    • In 2019 around 18 churches and 158 kids participated in the program from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  
    • What actually happens at convention?  

Five things make up the convention:  

  • Bible Bowl and devotional on Friday evening   
  • Individual events on Saturday morning (speech, signing, reader’s theater, song leading, etc)   
  • Group events on Saturday afternoon (puppets, drama, chorus, etc)   
  • Saturday evening showcase and celebration ceremony   
  • Sunday morning Bible class and worship.  The Ladies class is led by young ladies from the LTC program and the worship assembly is led by young men from the LTC program.
  • How much does it cost to participate (registration, travel, accommodations, food)?
    • Registration is $35 per person.  The cost for attending the convention will vary greatly based on family size and distance from Richland.  Hotel prices in Richland are affordable.
  • How many people must participate to have a team?
    • There is no size requirement for your group.  Some churches begin with only one participant and dedicated parents.
  • What are the responsibilities of a coordinator?
    • The basic duties of a church coordinator include being the point-person at your church for LTC, communicating deadlines and policies to your group, registering participants online, recruiting judges from your congregation to help at the convention, and collecting and paying the registration fee for your group.  

Step TwoGet Really informed.  It is one thing to read the manual and website, but it is another thing to learn first-hand about the program.  Before you commit, it is recommended that you do one or more of the following:

  • Talk to at least two other people who have participated in the LTCNW program and get their insights into the program.   You can find a list of participating congregations on the LTCNW website.
  • Talk to one of the LTCNW Board members and ask questions about the program. You can find the names of all the board members on the LTCNW website, but below are three that are readily available for conversation about LTC.
  • Participate under the wing of a nearby congregation (if possible).   This has worked well for some who want to get involved right away but don’t have enough critical mass to form their own group.  
  • Attend the convention as a guest and observe the program first-hand.

Step ThreeMake the Commitment.  Once you have decided LTC is right for your congregation, make the commitment to participate, even if there are just a few kids who will be attending.  To do so…

Step FourThe Preparation Work.  Work with your group on a regular basis to fulfil the preconvention events and prepare for the convention.  Make sure to find accommodations early to get good pricing.

Step FiveThe Rewarding Work: Convention.  Attend your first convention and enjoy the fellowship, growth, and camaraderie with nearly 200 young people and their families from churches around the NW.   

Feel free to contact any Board member directly during any of these steps if you are confused and need more information.  We are here to help and want your kids to get involved.