1. The LTC T-shirt Design Contest is open to all REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS of LTC-NW.

2. The Winning Entrant will receive a $35 cash award, three free T-Shirts, and their design adorning every LTC NW T-Shirt for this year.

3. On the back of the submittal, in pencil, include the registered LTC participant’s name and address.

4. The submitted design must be in accordance with this year’s LTC theme.

5. Designs need to be done in black ink on white paper. Color versions can accompany the ink design to suggest color schemes, but the winning entry will be subject to editing to best fit on the LTC T-shirts.

6. Keep in mind that the winning design is going to be printed as a single solid print color on a short sleeve T-shirt of a different single solid color.

7. The submittal design must be:

a. an original composition of the team member(s)

b. rendered in black ink on white paper

c. the dimensions of the image (NOT the paper size) must be no larger than 11” x 17” and no smaller than 8.5” x 11” with at least a 1” border all around

d. must be camera-ready*

e. must be actual size for printing

8. Keep your design simple and stay away from small details that would get “lost” in the final printed T-shirt design.

9. This is important! At various stages while developing your design, take an honest, critical look at your artwork and imagine how your friends (at school and church) would respond if you were to ask them to wear a T-shirt with your design. If you sincerely think they would, then you probably have the right design.

10. All entries must not be folded and must be mailed flat.

11. Entries must be postmarked by March 1st.

12. Send entries to the pre-convention events T-Shirt design director.

13. The Board of Directors’ decisions concerning all matters related to this contest are final.

14. Camera-ready – Artwork is in black ink on white paper. The artwork is clean, crisp, with no touch-ups or changes required.

15. T-Shirt Design is now a separate pre-convention event, and will be judged and awarded as such.

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