Dana Hart

To offer scholarships to selected high school juniors and seniors based on participation in LTC, excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the school, church, and community.

Each eligible and interested participant will:

  • Fully complete a scholarship application (click link to download)
  • Including school certification of GPA
  • Copy of ACT or SAT scores
  • Two references from local church leaders
  • List college preferences
  • Send it to the Scholarship Director TO BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 15th.

The Scholarship Director will:

The Scholarship Director will:

  1. Communicate with the Christian schools to obtain scholarship awards for the convention.

  2. Serve as liaison between LTC and the schools.

  3. Attend designated meetings of the LTC Board to report on the status of the scholarships and to make recommendations.

  4. Receive and review all applications.

  5. Send information regarding scholarship recipients to the respective colleges.

  6. Select scholarship award winners, with assistance, as applicable from appropriate LTC Board members, church coordinators, and the participating schools.

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