1. I have made sure that all adult and student team members have this year’s information.

2. I have completed the registration forms for my group and have

a. registered my group on line at


b. Sent the registration forms to the Registrar by the registration deadline. This will ensure that the people registered in my group may enter any and all pre-convention and convention events, and will receive their free LTC T-shirts, and all their awards.

3. I have completed the LTC Judges Enrollment Form and have

a. enrolled the judges on line at


b. sent the LTC Judges Enrollment Form with my registration to Judging Director (see Convention Events Directors page).

4. I have mailed the registration fees to the registrar. All registration fee checks are to be paid to: Leadership Training for Christ (LTCNW).

5. I have met with the adult sponsors of my group, given them the Guidelines for Sponsors and have explained the behavior guidelines for our young people. I have explained the Church Coordinator’s Code of Ethics to our adults to ensure that they are fully prepared to serve as well-informed helpers during the weekend.

6. I have informed my group that a neat, dressier appearance is suggested for the entire convention and especially for Celebration on Saturday night. The LTCNW Convention is intended to be a “classy” event; dress appropriately.

7. I have met with the young people and their parents, giving them specific information regarding behavior. I have given all young people the Convention and Hotel Etiquette Guidelines explaining to them and their parents the expectations for behavior during the weekend.

8. I have encouraged those adults going as judges to practice judging their events with youth in my group.

9. For overnight participants within the hotel, I have assigned appropriate adult supervision in accordance with my congregation’s policies but in all cases a minimum of one adult is assigned to each room with students.

10. I have advised my group that at the convention they CAN NOT PARTICIPATE IN MORE THAN ONE EVENT PER EACH TIME SLOT. This includes students participating at higher grade level team events or otherwise.

11. I will see that my students have received their awards and submit any correction requests no later than May 15.

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