For ALL participants, pharm spectators, clinic and attendants

1. Wear your name tag at all times – even if you are not involved in an event at the moment. Your name tag is your key to get you into each event room. You will not be allowed in any LTC area without it.

2. ONCE YOU ARE IN AN EVENT ROOM AND THE EVENT BEGINS, cialis PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. Each event has specific rules about entering and exiting the room. Those who leave will not be allowed to re-enter during a performance.

3. Participants may only register and enter ONE event per time slot.

4. Support your fellow participants! Be a part of the audience in other events when you are not participating.

5. Be considerate of the event participants. Being inconsiderate on your part affects the entire event, while interrupting fellow participants. Be the good example rather than the bad exception.

6. Participants must be responsible and accountable to their sponsors or an adult at all times.

7. Stay aware of your noise level in the hallways, and rooms.

8. Do not run in the corridors and public places. Always walk.

9. Any damage caused to hotel or convention center or LTC property, will be your liability.

10. Stay in your room after curfew unless accompanied by your adult sponsor. Nightly curfew is 11:30 PM. Chaperones, PLEASE do not encourage kids to be out after curfew.

11. All attire must be clean and modest. No extreme fads. Clothing with advertising words or pictures of a less than wholesome nature will NOT be allowed. Shorts of any length, bare midriffs, or thin strapped tops are not allowed…..You will be asked to change.

12. Everyone involved with this LTC weekend is expected to be a part of all the activities. Be there to participate and / or encourage others.

13. Swimming at the hotel pools is lots of fun, and can also be dangerous. An adult chaperone should always be present. Be considerate of other hotel guests. Swimming attire should be modest….complimentary to the name of Christ.

14. PLEASE – NO LITTERING in the hotel or surrounding grounds! Our actions dictate how others view us.

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