1. At first, sheer size of the LTC program can make the most enthusiastic and zealous person feel a little overwhelmed. “What did I get myself into?” is a question many first-time LTC Directors ask themselves the moment they begin thumbing through the manual.
  2. So where do you start? That’s easy – start right here. Now, think about this one word:

  4. No one expects you to do this all by yourself. And besides, delegating is Scriptural. Our Master, Jesus Christ delegated the task of preaching the gospel to the whole world to a few fishermen, a tax collector, and a tent maker! And what did they do? That’s right, they delegated their task to others, who passed it along, and so on, and so on. This is actually one of the great side benefits of LTC. It gets a whole bunch of parents and other adults involved in the Lord’s work. So determine who you are going to get to help you. You probably have already heard a few brothers and sisters say, “if you need anything, just ask.” Well, START ASKING!
  5. Next – take a look at the Table of Contents. This manual is basically divided into three sections. The first section is a MUST read. It tells you about the LTC organization and offers other tidbits of need-to-know / nice-to-know information. Things like when the kids have to be registered and how to register are contained in the first section.

  6. The second section contains the Pre-Convention events. This section, and the next, is the section you need to delegate. The people you delegate NEED TO READ AND UNDERSTAND the rules for the different events. It is VERY IMPORTANT the pre-convention event entries are submitted by the due date.

  7. The third section contains the Convention events. The people you delegate NEED TO READ AND UNDERSTAND the rules for the different events.

  8. While you are delegating, be thinking about who from your congregation can be judges at the convention. (You can even delegate someone to be the Judges Director for your congregation!) The LTC convention requires a LOT of judges – typically three judges for each event during each time period.

  9. Each team event requires one judge for each team entered from your congregation, if possible. Individual events request one judge from your congregation for every four students entered. So if you have 23 students entered in at least one individual event, you will need 6 judges. (Always try to round up.) If some of those 23 kids participate in 4 team events, you will need four more judges for a total of 10 judges from your congregation.

  10. Judges have to be adults. Parents seem to be the most likely candidates, however, try recruiting judges from the folks in your congregation who don’t have children participating in LTC: grandparents, parents of children too young to participate in LTC, and other brethren are good sources for judges and Event Directors. As the Northwest Region grows, we hope to have some Event Directors from several congregations.

  11. The more help you have, the easier your job will be.

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