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Chairman – Darren Williamson (Keizer church of Christ, Keizer, OR)
Contact Darren : dwilliamson.or@gmail.com
Vice Chairman – Bruce Baird (Kings Orchard church of Christ, Wenatchee, WA)
Interim Treasurer – Michelle Kentner (Prineville church of Christ, Prineville, OR)
Registrar — Millissa Macomber (Skagit Valley church of Christ, Burlington, WA)
Secretary — Tom Hamilton (Metro church of Christ, Gresham, OR)
Website – Greg Rommann (Oak Harbor church of Christ, Oak Harbor, WA)
Member – Teri Stevens (Richland church of Christ, Richland, WA)
Member – Kathy Riley (Prineville church of Christ, Prineville, OR)
Member – 
Member – 


  1. The Board will consist of not less than seven or more than fifteen persons.
  2. The term of office will be two years.  All terms of office begin of July 1 and end on June 30 unless otherwise decided by a majority vote of the Board.
  3. A Board member or any group participating in the past year’s LTC-NW convention may recommend an individual for Board membership.  Appointment to the Board for an initial term will be made by a majority vote of the existing Board; appointment to succeeding terms will be made by a two-thirds vote of the Board.
  4. Board members may be reappointed to any number of succeeding terms.
  5. Appointments may be revoked during the term of office if a Director no longer meets the qualifications of office or if a Director does not participate in at least half of the official functions of the Board during one calendar year.  Removal action requires two-thirds concurrence of all Directors, not just those present at any meeting.
  6. A Director may, for personal reasons, by majority vote of the Board, be granted a one-year leave of absence from the Board. This Director will not act in any official capacity on behalf of the Board during the leave of absence.

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