• Members

Chairman – Dennis Baker (Lakeview church of Christ, Tacoma, WA)
Contact Dennis : be.ye.glad1@gmail.com
Vice Chairman – Darren Williamson (Keizer church of Christ, Keizer, OR)
Contact Darren : dwilliamson.or@gmail.com
Interim Treasurer – Michelle Kentner (Prineville church of Christ, Prineville, OR)
Registrar — Millissa Macomber (Skagit Valley church of Christ, Burlington, WA)
Secretary — Tom Hamilton (Metro church of Christ, Gresham, OR)
Website – Greg Rommann (Oak Harbor church of Christ, Oak Harbor, WA)
Member – Teri Stevens (Richland church of Christ, Richland, WA)
Member – Kathy Riley (Prineville church of Christ, Prineville, OR)
Member – Bruce Baird (Kings Orchard church of Christ, Wenatchee, WA)
Member – Thomas Morse (Springbrook church of Christ, Renton, WA)


  1. The Board will consist of not less than seven or more than fifteen persons.
  2. The term of office will be two years.  All terms of office begin of July 1 and end on June 30 unless otherwise decided by a majority vote of the Board.
  3. A Board member or any group participating in the past year’s LTC-NW convention may recommend an individual for Board membership.  Appointment to the Board for an initial term will be made by a majority vote of the existing Board; appointment to succeeding terms will be made by a two-thirds vote of the Board.
  4. Board members may be reappointed to any number of succeeding terms.
  5. Appointments may be revoked during the term of office if a Director no longer meets the qualifications of office or if a Director does not participate in at least half of the official functions of the Board during one calendar year.  Removal action requires two-thirds concurrence of all Directors, not just those present at any meeting.
  6. A Director may, for personal reasons, by majority vote of the Board, be granted a one-year leave of absence from the Board. This Director will not act in any official capacity on behalf of the Board during the leave of absence.


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