Romans & James

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Our 2021 theme for Leadership Training for Christ Northwest is FRESH START.  It will
lead us into study and reflection on two powerful letters in the New Testament:

  Romans and James. 

Paul’s letter to Romans provides a clear picture of the life we have
because we belong to Jesus.  God has given us the gift of his forgiveness, freedom
from sin and hope for the future.  It is because of Christ, we have the opportunity of a
fresh start, setting a totally new direction — a new mindset — led by the Spirit, yielding
life and peace.  The general epistle of James provides us with practical calls to action in
living out our faith, so that others may see Jesus in our actions and that they too may
desire the joy and hope that comes with a fresh start.

So, let’s view 2021 as an opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start.

Dates: April 16-18, 2021 
Location: Richland High School
930 Long Avenue
Richland, Washington 99352

Friday evening and Saturday morning

Richland High School
930 Long Avenue
Richland, Washington 99352

Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Richland Church of Christ
933 Thayer Dr
Richland, Washington 99352

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